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Educational Center


​In our classroom, children (older two-year old's and younger three-year old's) are preparing for the next step... Pre-school!  The focus is creating more structure throughout the day by offering a variety of learning centers.  Our curriculum uses learning experiences to support children's development of essential pre-school skills.  This approach prepares children to enter our pre-school program with the language, early literacy, mathmatics, social and emotional, physical, and cognitive skills necessary for success.  

Throughout the day, children will have many opportunities to learn about friendship, develop language and beginning literacy skills

Children are also encouraged to develop independent self help skills including toilet learning.  The teachers work closely with parents when children are ready to learn to use the potty.  Children will never be pressured to use the toilet.  Parents provide their own diapers, wipes and/or pull-up's as well as extra changes of clothing.

​In our class, children will work independently at centers as well as participate in small-group teacher-guided activities to meet individual educational needs.  During whole-group time, children will enjoy storytelling, music, movement and Zoo Phonics lessons.  Additionally, children will be introduced to the High Scope Curriculum. Through this approach, our young-pre-schoolers will develop their pre-literacy, oral language, mathematical, social, emotional, gross or fine-motor skills.