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The most essential ingredient in infant care is a warm, responsive, consistent and dependable adult caregiver. We spend lots of time holding, cuddling, and playing with the infants in our care.  You will be richly rewarded with babbles, smiles and squeals of laughter.  We also provide a clean, safe environment for you baby to explore (including a "no shoes" policy), these steps help to ensure cleanliness duing this early period of your infants life.

Our nursery is designed to meet the individual needs of infants six weeks until they become mobile.  The childen are moved from infant care onto the toddler side of the room on a space-available basis according to their developmental needs.  The child-caregiver ratio is 4:1.

​We provide a variety of experiances that support the growth and development that occurs in an infants first year of life.  For example, toys of various textures, sizes and shapes are available on the floor to encourage crawling and manipulation.  A variety of music is provided for enjoyment as well as to promote language skills and body movement.  Bright colors are used for visual stimulation.  Infant sign language is used throughout the day as a tool to encourage language growth and communication skills.  Through these and other specific activities our staff will be able to observe and document areas of growth and then provide new challenges to enhance your child's unique development.

Infant yoga is something we are practicing to start the child on an early routine for health and self-awareness. Infant yoga promotes better baby digestions, deeper sleep and less crying.  Until the child passes from infanthood into the toddler years, each caregiver performs the yoga moves for the baby.  Caregiver-baby yoga sessions also increase emotional and physical bonds.

With this age group, we utilize primary care to help us provide the most attentive care possible.  Basically, each infant "chooses" their own primary caregiver (who your child gravitates towards most).  This person is responsible for all of your child's daily needs.  This teacher will feed your child, change your child's diapers, set their goals, and put an emphasis on being there for your child specifically.  This allows for more one on one time, creating stronger bonds and a more secure atmosphere for your child.