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Welcome to Babes in Toyland's Pre-school program.  Our classroom is taught from a multi-sensory and developmentally appropriate perspective.  The teachers are trained in the most up to date educational strategies that are currently available.  Each child's program is based on their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) that has been developed by both the child's parent as well as Troy Babes in Toyland.  The High Scope Curriculum is used in our pre-school classes, which is recommended by the state of Michigan for pre-school programs as it falls in line with the early-learning expectations of Michigan.

Our high-quality preschool class focuses on each child's social, physical and pre-academic development.  Our curriculum allows the children to learn through exploration and discovery. Children develop independence and the necessary skills for future school success.  Children will learn age appropriate math, writing, music, art, language and science while making friends and experimenting with their growing independence.  Curriculum outcomes and standards are aligned Troy School District's learning objectives.  

‚ÄčWithin High Scope's eight content areas, there are 58 key developmental indicators (KDI's) that define important learning goals for young children.  

‚ÄčEach KDI is a statement that identifies and observable child behavior, reflecting knowledge and skills in areas such as, language and literacy, math, creative arts and physical development.  At Troy Babes in Toyland, we keep these indicators in mind when we set up the learning environment and plan activities.

Please click on the icon below and visit the High Scope website to find out more about these important KDI's...

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